Cordillera Women's Golf Association 2020
Rules and Tips
There are often interesting rules questions that come up during CWGA play.  If you have a rules question, you can always stop in the pro shop but also feel free to email me - [email protected] and I'll do some research.
I'll always provide the rule or decision number so you can read more if you're interested.  Also, I'm no expert.  The best course of action is to go directly to the USGA rules and/or decisions yourself if you want to be 100% sure but for some quick info in layman's terms, see below!!!
There are some major rule changes proposed to go into effect January 2019.  Read about it (and even give your input/opinion) at  Many of the changes are designed to simplify the rules and to help improve pace of play.  Some of the most interesting (in my opinion!!!) proposed changes follow:

  • ​A player will not receive a penalty if the ball (or ball marker) accidentally moves on the putting green or in search of a ball.
  • Players can leave the flagstick in the hole while putting.
  • Players may repair spike marks or other damage, including foot prints, on the green with no penalty.
  • Caddies will no longer be able to line up a player.
  • Players who have trouble in bunkers could get relief.  If you want, you could remove your ball from a bunker (and place it in the fairway or rough behind the bunker, depending on where the bunker is) and accept a two-stroke penalty.
  • New procedures for how to drop a ball in a relief area.
  • Time searching for a lost ball would go from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

Here are some interesting situations which arose during recent matchs:

Can a player use a club in the hazard to prevent falling or as a "crutch" (think of some of our steep hazards where you might be tempted to use a club as a walking stick to get in or out of the hazard)?
  • Yes, provided you are not testing the condition of the hazard.  (Exception 1 to Rule 13-4)

Can a player carry extra clubs into a hazard or bunker?
  • Yes, provided nothing is done to test the condition of the hazard or improve the lie of the ball.  (Exception 1 to Rule 13-4)

If a player decides to hit a ball out of a hazard but an ant hill is interfering with the stance or lie, do they get to take relief?
  • Yes, you can take relief within the hazard from an ant hill if it is a fire ant hill.  This is deemed to be a dangerous situation to the golfer (same would apply to your ball landing near a snake in a hazard).  (Decision 1-4/10)